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My Journey Toward Car Literacy

 I Married A Car Guy: My Journey Toward Car Literacy

 Welcome to the non-automotive automotive blog. My name is Debbie Nol, and I have been the Business Manager at Arie Nol Auto Center since 2000. I have a unique perspective, as I am not a ‘car person’ but work in an industry filled with people passionate about vehicles. It gives me the ability to share what I’ve learned over 20 years and hopefully help you navigate the world of car repair and maintenance more comfortably. However, posts will not always be vehicle related. I love to share observations and story’s from ‘auto world’ with shoes and cats thrown in for good measure.

I’m glad you’re here, and I look forward to you getting to know us a little bit better through this blog!

It Sounds Like What?


My car is pretty well maintained. Letting your vehicle go too far over an oil change in our house is frowned upon greatly. I think all three of our children get a little nervous if they glance up at the oil change sticker in their car and see it is much past the mileage oil change due. I was driving in Eastown on the brick road when I heard something that sounded like chains being dragged behind my car. Once I was off the bricks, the sound ceased. Everything was working fine so I waited until I was at work the next day. In the morning, we often have a couple of minutes to chat about the day's work. I asked if someone could drive my car when they had a chance and explained what had happened.

Grant drove my car later that day to determine what was malfunctioning, and fixed it. It was simply that the brake caliper needed an adjustment. I mentioned that I had never heard someone describe a problem with that sound before. To me it sounded like chains. Grant said, "What it really sounds like is the sound that bracelet you wear makes when it hits the keyboard while you're working." I started laughing because he was correct. I have a Pandora bracelet that clinks when it hits the keyboard. It was the perfect description.

We've had people describe things like:

  • A cat is trapped under the hood = belt noise. Thankfully not a cat.
  • I think a bird is stuck in my engine = belt noise. Again, thankfully not a bird.
  • Someone kicking under my car = a drive train or axle issue
  • Screaming or screeching = This can be brakes but is sometimes another part failing. Listen to them. They're trying to tell you something.
  • Something moving under my dashboard = a squirrel

Whatever the sound, feel free to ask your service repair facility about it. It could mean something and it is always a good idea to check out any noise your vehicle is making. Listen to your car! It might be talking to you.

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