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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you have your oil changed at Arie Nol Auto Center?

By having your oil changed by us, we are able to keep an accurate record of your oil changes. We also use the manufacturer's specifications when changing your oil to make sure that your engine is maintained at peak performance and to prevent premature wear. We also have the opportunity to let you know if we see any potential issues enabling you to maintain and service your car and increase the longevity.

Why should I have a used car inspected by an ASE Certified technician at Arie Nol?

When purchasing a used car, it is helpful to have an idea of the condition of the vehicle. They may see something that could be costly to have repaired or simply some maintenance items that may need attention. All of our technicians are ASE Certified.

Why should I pay for diagnostics?

Having your vehicle diagnosed by a trained, experienced technician helps ensure that the actual problem is being fixed and that you are not having unnecessary work done to your vehicle.

Will your computer/scanner tell you what is wrong with my vehicle?

No. There is a misconception that we simply plug a scanner into your vehicle and are told what is wrong. It takes an experienced, trained technician to interpret the codes and information that is accessed. While vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced, this requires more training and experience to service them.

Can I have my vehicle that is still under warranty serviced at Arie Nol?

Yes you can. We subscribe to manufacturers' service bulletins and can let you know if a repair is covered by your warranty. In most cases, you have to be able to prove you have the correct services done at the correct intervals and Arie Nol is able to provide those maintenance services.

I have a leak under my car. What should I do?

First, look at the color of the fluid. Also note how much you see. Take notice of any lights that are illuminating on your dashboard. Call your repair facility or contact us and report what you have found. They will be able to advise you as to what to do next. However, don't put off making this call as some fluid leaks can cause damage.

At what intervals during the year should I consider bringing my car into a repair facility?

Ideally, when you have your oil changed, which is approximately 4x's per year, you should have your maintenance schedule checked to see if your vehicle is due for any maintenance. In the spring you want to have your coolant checked. You also want have your suspension checked after winter driving as Michigan roads can be hard on your car. In the summer, have your A/C checked to make sure it is working properly. Also, have your wipers checked to see if they need to be replaced. Fall is a good time to have your coolant checked, your tires inspected before the snow arrives, and your belts and hoses checked. Our goal is to make sure you have a safe vehicle that will keep you on the road.

What is the warranty on parts and labor at Arie Nol?

We have a 12,000 mile/12 months warranty, whichever comes first. If NAPA Parts are used during the repair, you have a NAPA Autocare "Peace of Mind" Nationwide Limited Warranty. More information is available at the time of your repair.

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