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I Married A Car Guy: My Journey Toward Car Literacy

Hi, I'm Debbie Nol, and I married a car guy. My 14 years of working at Arie Nol Auto Center has been an incredible journey, building amazing relationships with customers and learning so much from our experienced technicians.

Now I'm launching a blog to share what I've learned about cars and some of my most memorable customer stories. Hopefully you will find my blog both helpful and entertaining!

Thursday, 06 July 2017 14:51

Making Car Memories

I had an interesting conversation with a customer and her husband. They're a younger couple with a two year old child. And they bought a sports car. Best of all, it fits a car seat. Kind of the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 13:44

Mother's Day

I’d like to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to everyone! This weekend is the day we celebrate the woman who raised us. The person who was with you through the good and the bad, the cheers and the tears.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 12:17

Not Just Metal Cars

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In our customer lounge area, there is a cabinet filled with model cars. The curio cabinet is an old 1980’s style cabinet that you don’t see much anymore. All the shelves are filled with the different make and models of cars. There are Corvettes, Mercedes Benz, Ferraris and Lancias.

The cars are die cast models that Jeff collected with his dad, Arie, over the years. Arie passed away over twenty-three years ago. He and Jeff spent a lot of time collecting the cars together and each one has a memory attached to it. They are all vehicles that were rare. When they searched for cars, they looked for makes that either hadn’t been produced for very long or that had something unique that year. The doors, hoods and trunk or boot all are functional.

They are at our shop because that is where they belong. Arie’s dream was to have an auto repair shop and to pass along all his knowledge to Jeff, who also loved cars. Collecting the cars with Jeff was something that they enjoyed doing together. Jeff’s mom had the cars at her home until she passed away and Jeff received them. There was a sense of nostalgia and great memories when we brought them to the shop and they were put back on their glass shelves in the case.

Every night when we leave we pass by the car case as well as the picture of Arie that we have up in the waiting area. It’s a gift to be able to continue with a family business and sometimes, to stop and look at something like these cars, and savor the memories of time spent together.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 15:01

Autumn Leaves and Summer Cars


The fun cars are getting ready to be put away for the winter. The sparkly, convertible, wind blowing through your hair on the way to the beach cars. The little two-seaters that bring a grin to your face as you sit in the driver’s seat. We see so many of the vehicles that are completely an emotional purchase. I love the stories!

We’ve had cars that someone will bring in because their dad owned one and they remember those summers spent helping him wash it in the driveway or taking it out together for a ride. Some people purchase a car because they had a similar model when they were younger and want to relive that feeling. I feel that way about Corvairs.

We had a Corvair when I was younger and I remember riding in it with my family. Unfortunately, everyone knows that they had engineering flaws back then and were dangerous. By the time the kinks were corrected and it was only a cute little sports car, the name was synonymous with horrible accidents. So, I will never own one but I can admire them when I see them.

Their owner brings them in for a once over, possibly an oil change, depending on mileage. Most of these vehicles have quite low mileage and many are pristine. The care they receive keeps them looking that way. They are carefully washed and maintained and put away for the winter. I’m sure the owners check in on them over the winter, looking forward to that first spring drive and the smile that goes along with it.

I know autumn has arrived when I see them pull into the shop being checked over before the ride to the storage garage for the winter. That along with cider, donuts and colorful leaves tell me the change of season is here.